The J. Street Art Market inside The Omni Center is an art market like no other in town. As a vendor, your monthly booth rental not only gets you a permanent location downtown to sell your goods, but it also gives you the freedom to concentrate on creating without having to worry about taking time out to work your booth. We handle all the sales for you! All you need to do is keep your inventory up and we’ll send you a check for your sales every month. Our scheduled hours of operation will be Wednesday thru Saturday from 11am-7pm and for special events in the space. I.e. theater performance, concert, comedy night, artwalk etc.

For more info you can email


Booth Pricing starts at $50 and goes up to $200 per month + 15% commission on sales.

**NOTE: Booth rentals are priced per month and start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month


When filling out the application, please include working links to pictures of your work for consideration. 

Please Note: Any Items NOT Listed On This Application Require Pre-Approval By The Omni Staff Before Adding The Item To The Booth. This Is To Stop Duplicates Happening Between Booths.